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Please schedule your Essential Oils Educational Hour with me by clicking this link. Please write, ‘Book My EO 101’ in the subject line and in the message box, indicate whether or not you want to learn from the comfort of your own home via Facetime, FB Live or Skype or if you prefer to meet in person. Please note that I only do in-person workshops for people within 30 minutes of Peterborough.

In your free, Educational Hour you will learn:

  • What essential oils are, where they come from and how they are extracted
  • How essential oils support your emotions and all of your body’s systems
  • Why purity is so important when using essential oils for higher-level health
  • Why I love and recommend Young Living and their beautiful products
  • Three methods for using essential oils
  • Where to apply essential oils
  • Safety tips to keep in mind when using essential oils
  • Easy, every-day ways to use Young Living’s top 11 essential oils
  • How to support common ailments using essential oils
  • About the amazing value of Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit

Click here and come hang out with me if you are at all interested in learning more about essential oils!

I like to think that showing up as the best version of myself is a result of a series of gradual decisions to make healthier choices. And don’t we all want to be at our best as often as possible? If we are at our best, then we attract more of the things we want into our lives. Incorporating quality essential oils into your daily routines is just another one of those healthier choices.

If you are looking to live more vibrantly and/or improve your family’s wellness, you want to hear what I know about therapeutic essential oils! They have completely changed the way my family and I boost our immune systems and respond to illness.