Easy DIY Produce Soak

Ok, ok, ok. So we have all heard or been told that shopping organic is an absolute must…that if we care about our health, buying organic fruits and veggies and knowing where our meat and eggs are coming from is crucial. I couldn’t agree more, BUT there is no denying that shopping organic comes at a cost…literally. The fact of the matter is, organic produce is more expensive and so is organic meat. At Costco, organic beef or chicken is double the price for HALF of the quantity.

Do I want my family to consume foods covered in harmful toxins, waxes and pesticides? Of course not! Like you, I am a loving mom who wants nothing but the best for myself, M and our boys. However, we are on a tight budget that doesn’t always allow for ALL organic. My solution for my fruits and veggies? A powerful produce soak before they get stored in the fridge that literally only costs you cents. This produce soak recipe below gives me peace of mind that even if we aren’t always shopping 100% organic, I am stripping my produce of all exterior nasties. For our family, a healthy lifestyle is a series of small steps. We jumped into Young Living essential oils, which led to cleaning up our indoor air quality by using natural, chemical-free cleaning products likes Young Living’s Thieves Line, which has now led to eating better. Little by little we are going organic and will commit totally when our budget expands. For now, we love this produce bath. The Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is super high in d-limonene, which allows it to strip the produce of all clinging toxins, pesticides and chemicals. On a side note, lemon essential oil is amazing for removing anything sticky like labels on jars, stickers on windows, permanent marker from furniture or tree sap from skin. Enjoy!

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