Hello and welcome! Living at a resort on the warm beach in Honduras sounds like the dream life, and for most foreigners, it probably is. However, our story is a bit different. While most “gringos”, the term natives and foreigners alike use to refer to white people born outside of the country, were sipping on margaritas and pina coladas and sunning themselves by the pool or on the white sandy beach, I was behind a computer screen or working in the resort most of the time. While I worked six days a week, my man-friend, M, worked six days a week and for a period of time, SEVEN days a week. There was never any true uninterrupted family time, because I lived where I worked and cared too much about my job to not help out if necessary. In the middle of cooking dinner? Why not drop everything because an important group that said they were going to arrive hours earlier just showed up and needs extra assistance. The “H” factor as we endearingly referred to things in paradise not going as planned… As for M, where to start? He loved his job until he didn’t. Working with increasingly toxic people definitely didn’t make things easy on our relationship or going to work enjoyable.

Now, this is not to say that my family and I didn’t create plenty of great memories and didn’t enjoy ourselves at all. We certainly did, but when our second son was born in a hospital there and then unexpectedly died a day later, life inevitably changed forever. In the midst of being broken, everything was put into perspective. It was time for M and I to take control of our futures instead of letting bosses, partners, etc. determine them. It was time to spend more time together as a family with our son doing the things we love and appreciating each other’s company instead of working late or letting the nanny babysit.

Honduras opened our eyes to what we know we don’t want, it strengthened our family’s sense of togetherness, it helped us let go of the “need to please” everyone and ultimately taught us that living a life of quality, or a q-life, is more important than everything else. As we say now, “Quality is key”.


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What To Expect From My Blog

My blog aims to be a positive space. It’s personal. This is where I will bluntly share with you my day to day shenanigans, my successes and even my failures in this opportunity called life. As I experiment with new ways to get fit, strive to eat healthy in the kitchen, tackle DIY projects around our new house, enjoy outdoor play time with the fam-jam, explore essential oils or learn how to make a living blogging, I write about it here. Feel free to come along with me. It may not always be a very pretty journey but it’s mine, it’s real and hopefully it’s relate-able.

Fun Tidbits

I LOVE pigs…miniature Pennywell pigs especially. If you have never heard of the Pennywell Farm in the UK, you should absolutely check it out! While they claim they do not ship their miniature pigs internationally, it is my goal to find a way to get one here. What a perfect addition to our little family living here in cottage country!


I have a fear of clusters…swarms of insects, egg sacs, seeds and any other clusters give me the heebeegeebees!

I am a University of Texas at Austin alumni. Hook ‘em Horns!

My oldest little boy was born in Honduras and is, therefore, Honduran, American and Canadian.


I lived on the beach for five years and LOVE the ocean and river but still haven’t acquired a love for sand.

Blasting music from the 80s and 90s and dancing absurdly around the house gets me pumped!

I have an obsession with cowboy boots! My red ones are my favorites! I could easily dedicate a closet to boots if I didn’t restrain myself.